Weekend Care Package

april weekend care package 1

 Links I Love

Unhealthy Hustle: 3 Signs You've Crossed the Line by Emily Freeman

Why Safety is the Answer to Exhaustion and Overwhelm by Marian Vischer

Life and Death Among the Trees by Christie Purifoy

A faith filled post with beautiful words and interesting facts about the rainbow eucalyptus tree and the aspen tree.

15 Flowers to Try This Spring @ design sponge

for fun + beauty

Shake the World With Your Words by Angela Parlin

For some creative, poetic, and biblical inspiration combined

A Poem & Prayer for the Month of April by me

on openness, gentleness + honesty

Facebook Live Favorite

My kind friend Meredith, whom I met through an online course called the artist's bench led by Emily P Freeman,  was so brave to share her first Facebook live video this week. Meredith writes over on her blog meredithmcdaniel.com and you can follow her on Instagram or Facebook too!  Just wanted to share her video with you! 

Instagram Inspiration

Shop Oils

Passion Touch