The weeks leading up to Easter are a favorite of mine. Not all is green yet, but there are hints that leave us with expectant hearts. The daffodils first, which are a symbol for new birth, then the dogwoods and the tulips. I feel a lightness watching kids hunting for Easter eggs while the season  reminds me of the possibility of the impossible-of miracles. Rainbows appear from my kitchen window. Oliver and I stop what we are doing run out into the street barefoot leaving dinner on the table. I take pictures and he is happy to be outside for a quick moment.

I haven't quite known how to feel about the weeks after Easter though. Growing up I was ready for the school year to be done. Now, an attitude of dread sometimes sneaks in as I know the scorching Summer heat is nearing. 

But this year as I was using the Sacred Ordinary Days planner I learned of a name for this time period; Eastertide. It lasts 7 weeks after Easter Sunday. This year it began April 16th and ends June 4th. "This time period is sometimes called the Great 50 Days. The season ends with the day of Pentecost, the celebration of the gift of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Church. " -Sacred Ordinary Days Planner 

The themes are crucifixion, praise, resurrection, victory, and life. 

The word praise stuck out to me. And I thought I would hold on to that word as an anchor for the next 7 weeks. Let this be a season of praise. Like the rhythms of His grace crashing on the shore my heart, and washing over me in times of need. I will wait expectantly for those moments of His refreshment. I will praise Him in the waiting and in the receiving.  I will turn my eyes towards Jesus and let the things of earth grow dim in the light of His glory and grace.