Collecting Peace: Safety

In Oklahoma, most people are not afraid of sirens or tornado warnings. Some might climb into a bathtub or head to a shelter, but most stand on the porch taking pictures.
— Suzanne Eller, Come with Me

Hello Spring with rainbows and hail storms already. 

Yesterday mid-afternoon I pulled open the blinds so Oliver could watch his first hail storm ever. Little white balls hitting the ground and popping up---pop, pop, pop---over the backyard.  A short break in the storm, then more hail. Finally, the sun peeking through the clouds. 

My friend from South Carolina told me her family took cover in the closet yesterday for 20 minutes due to tornado sirens.

It's that time of year.

Tornadoes make me think of my Mom in panic mode yelling at the family to come get in the closet "right now!". As a teenager if sirens went off in the middle of the night often I was the only one to begrudgingly go downstairs and appease her. My brothers and Dad stayed in bed.

She's the most safety conscious one of the family. But since I married Jeff, he may have her beat. I almost wrote this post last week because it was Jeff's birthday. And when I think of safety, I think of Jeff. Once in a Sunday school marriage class we took a survey on our value system. Safety ranked as one of Jeff's top priorities, and it ranked my lowest. Laughs! God knows what we need- and who we need in our life. (*and a little note Jeff means "God peace")

Anyways, so as I start to wrap up this mini-series on collecting peace, I wanted to write about the safety I find in knowing God's word, which in turn ushers me into peace. His word reveals His love for me and I find such security and safety in that.

In her book Come with Me; Discovering the beauty of following where He leads Suzie Eller writes about fear, storms, faith, and being prepared in the chapter The Fallacy of a Storm Free Life. She starts out with the analogy of the seed, which I love because if you remember I started this series with a post called Collecting Peace; A Seed. Suzie writes "Sometimes our greatest fear is that our faith will be shipwrecked in the midst of sickness or financial battles or when loved ones are thrust into chaos. Luke 8:15 assures us, "'But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop.'" He's in you. You are good soil."

She goes on to write "Regardless of how we respond in weather-related emergency, we can prepare for unexpected trials or hard places." She uses this as an analogy for our faith;  we can also prepare for storms in life by knowing God's word. This is a comforting truth to me and gives me peace.

Also, I recently read a great post by my blogger friend Marian Vischer about safety. So, I wanted to share it in this post too; Why Safety is the Answer to Exhaustion and Overwhelm by Marian Vischer