Altogether Beautiful

You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way.
— Song of Solomon 4:7

From a messy car of cracker crumbs, crumbled receipts, and random tools or project parts belonging to Jeff, I open the door and step out. Tennis shoes tied with blush colored laces.

My sole touches down to the cement ground of gray. 

The painted white and yellow lines offer boundaries and space to the concrete place of cars. The gift of space to settle in and begin again on whatever task you've come for. Park and go in and return and reverse and go on. 

Something about running errands tends to make me feel anxious undertones. So I offer gentleness to myself in a hush, a reminder there is no need for the rush of anxiety.

I enter Whole Foods and I'm drawn to a sea buoyant blooms. My eyes widen a bit and I bend over to look at the mass of hydrangeas in baby blue, periwinkle, pink, and deep rose lining the sides of the entrance floor with pretty poufs!

After browsing the flowers, cards, and pastries I choose one of each; a lavender plant, a birthday card, and a raspberry cheesecake to celebrate a friend, who is altogether lovely.

To celebrate her soul, her unique creative whole. 

My extroverted, tenacious, compassionate friend. She is a social worker and counselor. She loves a full calendar bursting at the seams with friend and family gatherings. On Mondays she works at a non-profit organization, and her almost 2 year old daughter comes over to play for the day. Her daughter's hugs are the best. And I already see so much of her Mom in her; the tenacity and the beauty! 

My friend deals with some intense stuff at her job- the organization offers programs for adults and children in mental health, substance abuse and family services- while I help Oliver and her daughter make pillow piles to jump on. Our strengths and unique offerings to the world look different, and our limits and capacities to get stuff done and be on the go are also different, but knowing God's love for us individually allows for such freedom in our friendship for finding beauty and cherishing differences. 

If you sometimes feel the strain that comes from comparison or being misunderstood, I pray God will calm and quiet your soul so you can hear His whispers of truth.

May we find gentleness in God's deep understanding of our own uniqueness and the way He calls us beautiful.

You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way.
— Song of Solomon 4:7