scissor-tails & sweetness

My actual view is not fancy today.

And that is okay. 

Though I've been getting amazing paint-worthy photos from my parents this past week, who are on a riverboat cruise through Amsterdam, Holland, Germany and more cities to come. My mom texts me that there is a city in Germany named Hirschburg. Her next text says that Germany reminds her of Jeff because all the old homes have solar panels on top of them; which has been Jeff's life long dream for our house. But anyways, this summer I feel like I have been greeted by the sweetness of simplicity. Of simply being home. I have found joy here, breaking in my brushes to paint far away scenes. 

I find it reading books on my couch which describe the countryside of Scotland or the palm trees in Hawaii

My time is also often in front of the kitchen sink

trying not to clink and chip the dishes and glasses

spreading soapy water around the rims where a film has formed.

And recently out the window a Scissor-tail  lands on the Fisher Price slide. The Oklahoma state bird. 

I remember an ordinary moment like this one except it was a Robin and a bird bath from out the kitchen window of our last home. How these small moments make their way into my blog posts, I am not really sure? There are endless other things more interesting to write about. It seems so random, but I guess it touches my heart with a deeper kindness and beauty than it should seem. A common ordinary thing. And I smile. Right now my cockapoo, Maggie, sits beneath my desk, and as if on cue she kisses my feet. Again, I feel gentleness greet me, understated & simple, comforting & kind in deep & wide ways. Here and at home.