Weekend Care Package

Weekend Prayer + Benediction

May your day be filled with joy, not the kind that comes from winning on earth but the kind
that comes from the secret things of heaven.

May you let go of the comparisons that exhaust you. Remember it takes two to make a race. If
you’re weary of the game, simply refuse to compete.

Choose instead to linger in the morning when the sun begins her rise.

Take a walk around the block just to see what you can find.

Savor the warm mug, the sharp air, the hope of things to come.

Be thankful for the moments you hold in your hands and the people who sit by your side.

But above all else, let the truth of your own beloved-ness gather in the sacred curves of your

Listen long to the Spirit-whispers of acceptance and know you are made wonderfully well.
— Emily P Freeman, The Quiet Collection

Links I Love

Hello Trying Something New by Lisa Leonard

For Listening

The Next Right Thing by Emily P Freeman

music suggestions; album The Undoing by Steffany Gretzinger

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