Looking Back on Summer

The fruit of summer sweetly proves the roots that deepen beneath in other seasons. Just as gardens burst in response to well-nourished growth, our offerings of service and obedience can flow only from first resting in the character of God and the truth about who we are in Him. Now flourish under the warmth of the Son... and respond in faith.
— Ruth Chou Simons, Gracelaced

This summer was ordinary and sacred

moving forward towards hopeful dreams of future things

while being present in the here and now; not quite completely settled in our home, not completely recovered from the year of transition-living, home-renovating.

No big moves or big vacations. Summer days anchored in coffee, cartoons, journal prayers, psalms readings, and an often open Bible; Coming to the word in need, humility, and hope. 

I finally setup an art shop on my blog to sell custom art; It required a messy leap forward, because I just needed to start somewhere. I am learning as I go, working out details. Sometimes you just have to leap forward looking awkward instead of graceful, but the important part is that you finally start. 

start somewhere

small or messy or slow or unsure

and choose to see it as beautiful because it is a beginning. 

And now Fall is here and I feel ready with things a little more setup and settled; home stuff and art shop stuff.  Thankful this past Summer gave me time to prepare and to rest. Maybe next summer there will be more adventure or travel? who knows

So as usual now that one season ends and another begins, I pause to reflect before moving forward.  I notice what was hard, where I struggled, and how God carried me through the season. Here on the blog I link up with Emily P Freeman to share what I have learned from the light hearted to the practical and sometimes spiritual. 

7 things i learned this summer

1. Artistic Inspiration

3 wonderful artists I learned of this summer. Finding artful inspiration brings me joy.

2. holy yoga experience app

A new app I learned of: At the end of  summer I went on short weekend getaway in Dallas to attend the Holy Yoga Experience with some girlfriends. It was a morning of worship, exercise, and inspiration. Afterwards I downloaded the free HY Experience App that has a 14 day challenge. What I love about the app is how it offers several yoga flow videos you can use at home for uplifting and calming exercise.

If you are wondering the difference between yoga and holy yoga. In normal yoga the goal is often to empty your mind, in Holy Yoga it is reversed, it is all about filling your mind with God's word, meditating on scripture, God's love, and truth while getting great exercise and stretching.

3. Learning from Leslie 

Jeff and I re-watched old episodes of Parks and Recreation this summer. The light-hearted show just makes me happy because it is funny but also especially because the character Leslie Knope cares so much about all the small little things. She celebrates life well. 

4. Squarespace, Shop, & Ship 

I learned how to setup shop on squarespace! Woo hoo! You can now buy custom artwork from me on my website. Then I had to learn all about how to efficiently and cost effectively package and ship the art safely. Learning as I go!

5. Moon Shadow Crescents and a learning experience

Nature and wonder brought beauty. The sun and moon aligned marking my mothering milestone with moon shadows on the ground and a rare scene from the sky. I wrote about it here

 It is one thing to learn of the facts , it is another thing to experience them. 

6. new songs 

3 news songs I learned of this summer that I love listening too now:

Morning Song by Steffany Gretzinger - The Undoing

For the One (Live)  by Jenn Johnson - Starlight

I Am Not Alone (Live) by Kari Jobe- Majestic

Total Eclipse of the Heart by Sleeping At Last - Covers, Vol 1

7. how my elementary school has changed and stayed the same over the years

Oliver is going to the same school both Jeff and I went to. After meet the teacher night, I wrote a post about changes I noticed and my prayer for settling into this new season and school year with grace. You can read about it here.