Blank Slate + Motivate

afternoon art.

I start late morning

with a blank slate

and essential oils blend motivate, the encouraging blend

2 cups of coffee later

a painting is half way done

doubt has come and gone and been ignored

perseverance painted layer by layer

my strokes move with music

then with silence

and it's the end of afternoon now

So I will break 

take time to move away from the focused work

eat dinner and play board games with family

return later with fresh eyes and renewed patience.

Monday I cleaned bathrooms and vacuumed floors

Tuesday I met with girlfriends and went to the pool

Wednesday I sketched and painted a custom order

Tomorrow I will paint and pack (for a weekend trip).

Little glimpses of life 

Whatever your glimpses look like; 

I pray God's gentle presence meets you and strengthens you in the mundane and the magical.