Imaginative Nonsense, Spinning circles, & surprised by joy

So Mommy, first I have to dig a hole, then I have to say hello to the good monsters.
— cute nonsense, Oliver Hirshburg

Checking in because September spins and swirls me fast through the days. So this is a stop;

to say hello and to offer my simple presence, to be by your side.

This month there has been;

Art projects, laundry, carnival rides, packing lunches, picture day, weather channel watching, rolling out the yoga mat, lacing up the running shoes, opening my journal and Bible and resting my head on Jeff's shoulder.

It' s a different dance than in Summer, now that it is September. 

And so with words or songs or stillness or shoulders to lean on or Oliver's sweet imaginative nonsense; God spins me back into Him, close to let me listen and be loved.

Through the wisdom of a Sunday sermon or the distant sounds of Oliver at play. 

Through listening to a podcast that puts words on the fog for me, and encourages my heart.

Through my friend who leads me in stretching tight muscles while beautiful background music moves me during Holy Yoga.

Through morning moments filling out my Sacred Ordinary Days Planner, reading the daily prayer, and reading the daily scripture passages.

Through a heavy floppy hibiscus flower brought to me by tiny four year old hands from Grandmom's garden, as I set the paint brush down. A painting project is finished. It is tempting to start it over again and make this finished piece only a draft, and start the third with more perfection, but time and energy are limits to be realistic about. So, deep breathe, exhale, this will be fine for now, it was made with love and limits.

I feel God drawing me close, so He can then spin me out.

I have this distinct memory of Jeff. A moment I can pinpoint, when he started to feel like home, like he could be a best friend, I felt the possibility for what could be; which is what has become. At the time he was living in Dallas in a garage. It was separated from the main house and turned into a guest house, but still very much a garage. We had on sweatshirts and sweatpants; not dressed up for a date, and we probably were about to play a board game or watch a movie, when all the sudden he picked me and flipped me around his arm making me do a flip in the air. I laughed. It reminded me of being young and of all the flips and tumbling I used to do. 

This weekend we went spinning in the air round and round on carnival rides. It brought laughter and joy to Oliver, but poor Papa Bob, my Dad, got motion sickness from a ride called the "wrecking ball" (sorry Papa!).

This week listening to a podcast, I heard this prayer about spinning;

Spin us back out into the world as people who know who we are. Surprise us with a joy we cannot explain.
— Emily P Freeman, The Next Right Thing Podcast

Just some things I have thought about this week.

Just something for me to share I guess, while sitting next to you, being by your side.

Love and hope in Christ,