weekend care package


Creativity + Motherhood by Emily Jeffords 

Also, this art retreat led by Emily at a chateau in France looks like a dream, right?! Yes, please.

Survival Strategies for the Winter by Anne Bogel + 7 Little January Favorites  also by Anne

Greek Lemon Chicken Soup @ lifeingraceblog.com by Edie Wadsworth

He is the God of Seasons @ themasterpiecemom.com

Such an encouraging post and not to long, which I often like!!! Also, I just signed up for a cozy worship Spotify playlist they are offering on the blog.

Surely to the Sea by Callie Feyen @ coffee + crumbs 

Simply enjoyed the descriptive calming lovely writing

Materials, man by Austin Kleo

Includes some inspiring quotes on art + art materials

Skating and a Space Heater by Ashley  @ ashleyannphotography.com

This made me smile. Right now among my favorite things is receiving text-message-videos of my 5 year old niece in her Elsa princess pajama gown and pink rollerblades pretending to be an olympic figure skater with lots of graceful arm movements.

Instagram inspiration