Letting Go + Life Lately

I felt the groundswell of freedom that comes from living with nothing to prove.
— Nothing to Prove, Jennie Allen

Paddington bear flies through the air, down the stairs, in a bathtub, I think that's the scene

we watch on the screen of the living room tv. Late Saturday morning. Not rushed. Home pretty hushed of clutter, actually kind of clean. A refreshing thing! Cheers to those clean house moments. 

Oliver laughs and giggles and squeals at the movie. I ooooo & awe over the whimsically decorated home. A cherry blossom mural painted on the staircase wall. (or some kind of Spring blossoming tree)

The tv sits next to our olive tree. It's half bare now.

I shook the tree last week because I tired of looking at all the dried curled leaves.

A product of neglect during the Christmas season or maybe olive trees shed their leaves annually? But most likely it was my lack of watering.

So in a moment of spontaneity I shook the tree, first gently to see what would happen, and then a bit more and a bit more. It was kind of fun and a total mess.

The dried shriveled up leaves weren't fooling anyone while  still on the tree anyway: just maybe me, in slight denial, thinking maybe a little water would do the trick, but it didn't.  

I actually left them on the ground, to clean up later, and so

later that day Oliver comes to find me folding clothes in my room. 

"Mom, you've got to see this mess." Oh, the mess I made, I laugh and remember. Then I find a broom and finally sweep it up.

I hope new leaves grow back, but I am not so confident in my plant-caring-keeping-alive skills.

We will see. 

So cheers to shaking off the old though causing a mess, in order to make room for the new, to waiting on Spring, and to finding lovely whimsical inspiration too; like a Paddington Bear movie on a slow Saturday morning.