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Run Your Own Race by Jennifer Batchelor @ Coffee + Crumbs

It’s always hard. That should be incredibly discouraging, but it had the opposite effect. I kept waiting for running to get easier, assuming I was doing something wrong because it was still hard. I was too insecure to entertain the idea that it was hard for everyone, but simultaneously too proud to admit that I’d been a runner for about five minutes and so naturally I was going to be kind of terrible at it for awhile.
— Jennifer Batchelor @ Coffee + Crumbs

From Reacting to Life to a Life of Active Faith by Shelly Miller

This post hooked me with the intro; I hadn't realized, Shelly, who now lives in London started out in Oklahoma. 

During an epic winter snowstorm in Oklahoma, I left a Bennigans apron at my mother’s house and while my CRX idled, I scraped ice off the windshield with idealism. I wasn’t about to allow a little power outage or compromised tree limbs breaking like glass on concrete, ruin a yes from God on a new hopeful chapter.
— Shelly Miller
by Nikki Giovanni

How can there be
No heaven
When rain falls
gently on the grass
When sunshine scampers
across my toes

When corn bakes
into bread
When wheat melts
into cake

When shadows
And owls
And little finches
eat upside

How can there be
No Heaven

When tears comfort
When dreams caress
When you smile
at me
— by Nikki Giovanni @brainpickings.org

When you don't feel God, it doesn't mean he's not there by Suzanne Eller

a short simple post that allows for honesty and encourages perseverance too. love.

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