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Entering into Lent by Molly Smith @ Molly Smith Yoga

Molly, a Holy Yoga instructor + faith blogger + fabulous cook,  is not only one of my closest friends, but she also lives in the same neighborhood as me. Our boys Oliver and Owen are best buds too. Last year she created a journal for the season of Lent which serves as a guide for prayer and reflection over selected scripture passages. Well, this year not only has she revamped the journal, she is providing a private Facebook group and 2 Facebook live Holy Yoga sessions for all who sign up. I love seeing my friends create and move forward with their passions and goals! 


Magical Watercolor Kids Project by Lauren Reese @ Ampersand Mother

My Question for 2018 by Shawn Smucker

Could that be it? In seeking the face of God, are we actually seeking something in the world that is not brutal, but instead something in the world that is the kindest and gentlest and best thing we could ever find?
— Shawn Smucker
“Stillness,” I said. “Stillness, quiet, and peacefulness. Something about the blanket of white makes everything seem peaceful and cozy.”
— Kelly Johnson @ The Glorious Table

Ask Yourself This Before You Make Your Next To-Do List by Greer Ohara

A post about slowing down to reflect on the root of things; our soul + our character + our being, before we go into our auto-pilot mode of setting goals and making to-do lists

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