Looking Back on Winter 2018

Glorious Spring. Little baby robins hopping in my backyard's not yet green grass. I hope they don't eat the weed killer Jeff just put down. eek. Oliver out the door for his 1st t-ball practice. Glove on left hand. Two transformer stickers on his right hand. "This one is for my real coach, and this one is for my Daddy coach." he tells me.

My heart melts + soars with sentiment + sweetness.

With Spring on my doorstep, I dare not linger too long looking back on Winter, or the dogwood blooms will disappear before I even knew they were there.

So as usual here is my annual looking back blog post in which I link up with Emily P Freeman and share what I learned. It is a bit shorter than my usual list.

1. lessons in patience + contentment from a wistful winter 

A winter without snow and Christmas/Lenten roses otherwise known as Hellebores; but with seashells and soups instead.

I remember going to Southwoods nursery after we moved into our first home, and asking about winter-flowering-perennials. He directed me to the lenten roses. Hours later I had found a sweet spot for them right outside my front door in our flower bed.

Our new flower bed is empty, just mulch but full of possibility.

It's that time of year when yellow forsythia bloomed in a tangled brush of winter branches at both our old homes. Again, I am still trying to be patient with this home. Miss those yellow blooms I would cut to display in a vase on the mantel. I don't know how many years will pass before we start to plant my favorite flowers and trees. But this winter now turning spring has made me realize I miss the plants. The daffodils. The peonies. So I remember Ecclesiastes; He makes everything beautiful in it's time. I hold that promise in my heart for all kinds of things even my flower bed in Spring. Because budgeting for groceries and a new garage door that works comes before flowers, I guess?!

2. early to the carpool-line in winter has its perks

Who knew I could enjoy waiting?! I don't think I am very good at waiting in general, but I am loving the daily routine of school drop-offs and pick-ups in the winter time especially. It forces me OUT of the house, and I go early in the afternoon to let the sun pour through the window, or watch the rain fall on the windshield while reading. The children still running in circles on the playground beside me. Maybe this will get old fast, but right now I am finding I like being early.

3. Boundaries are worth setting

When it comes to boundaries I think I need to remember the Nike slogan; just do it. Of course though, do it with kindness. Setting boundaries with people is not fun but I found myself learning the lesson once again that it is so worth it, and healthy. Letting go of my people pleasing tendencies by being direct and honest is not easy for me. UGH

4. Therapy Lamp

I mentioned this one in my blog post about what helps in winter. But I will mention it again, because it's been a game changer for me this season. Love it! It sits by my nightstand, and when Jeff's first alarm goes off I grab a cup of coffee, tea, or water and bask in the light. On cloudy days I often turn it on while I am at my desk or filling out my planner. I bought  the  Verilux HappyLight Liberty 10,000 LUX Light Therapy Energy Lamp


Jeff and Oliver just could not get into analyzing the outfits, the choreography, and the music with me! Thankfully I live in the same town as my parents. Mom and I had fun watching and discussing all this together. The skating was so beautiful. wow!!!! 

Also, at some point this winter my sister-in-law sent me a photo of my niece in pink rollerblades and her Elsa princess pajama gown pretending to ice-skate; ADORABLE. Thank heavens for little girls and all my nieces.

That's all for now

And so there is more I learned this winter but on this cheerful March morning I will go ahead and press publish, shut down my laptop, and fold some more clothes, thankful for lessons learned and God's grace and hope that carried me through another winter.


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