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Floret and Fruit by A.B. Lee @ Sun-steeped Days

It came up unnoticed over the weekend, quietly sprouting, quietly unfurling, and the sight of it took my breath away. Every hue on this ruffled little blossom was so vibrant that I blinked, sure that my color vision was off-kilter.

Our very first iris, and it was exquisite.
— A.B. Lee @ sun steeped days

15 Ways to Begin Again by Leeana Tankersley 

15 brief reflections on ways you can begin again. Each entry has a journaling prompt and lines for you to add your thoughts. Go through these reflections on your own, with a partner, or in a group, and use them as a way to promote deep discussion. Here’s a sneak peek of a few entries: Begin Again by Surrendering, Begin Again by Tending, Begin Again by Burning It Down.

Best of all, starting on Monday, there are 15 weekdays left in Lent, so you can use this as a Lenton devotional on your own or with your tender tribe. What’s not to love!?!
— @lmtankersley

On Making Room by Maeve Gerboth 

Because I realized the way I was doing things wasn’t working anymore. Maybe you’ve felt the same? And when things aren’t working it’s time to listen and make a change. I’m not good at doing at this, I assume I just need to work harder. That the problem is me. And sometimes it is me. Sometimes it’s my own stubbornness or fear getting in the way.

But this time was different.
— Maeve Gerboth
I forget that I can make changes to the most obvious, smallest of things. And I can make changes to the bigger ones too.
— Anna Rendell

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