Markers in March + What I am Reading

magical markers of time for me

seem to be things like color schemes threading connection from scene to scene on my Instagram account

this week it's been maroons and shades of pinks and teals together

showing up in book covers, spring blooms, playground slides and t-ball uniforms 

I like colors as time-markers, because they just are. Though I love color analogies, I let them just be

a color scheme. 

Like the way not every season or situation or experience needs to be seen through lesson-lens glasses. 

Yesterday, a rainy Tuesday March morning, I dig through my purse in the lobby of the dentist's office, trying to find a marker for Oliver. After much rustling and rummaging through, I hand him the Paper Mate felt tip medium marker (a favorite of mine) with a bright pink and gold polka-dot notebook. I look up the marker color name, just for fun; it's called scuba dive.

He sprawls out on the floor of the little corner where we sit. He finds a blank page to color on. I pull out my new spring read, The Vanderbeekers of 141st street recommended by Lizzy @lizzyloveshealth and described on the cover as "utterly enchanting.". A scene from the book includes walkie-talkies and imaginative boys, reminding me of my son Oliver and his best neighborhood buddy, Owen (though the Oliver in this story is 9 years old). I smile to myself as I read;

Oliver clicked the walk-talkie on and the radio buzzed to life.

Oliver heard static; then Jimmy L’s voice came through the device. “Captain Kidd, come in. Over.”

”Magic Jay, this is Captain Kidd,” Oliver responded. Magic Jay, Jimmy L’s secret agent name, was riffed from his favorite basketball player, the legendary Magic Johnson. Captain Kidd was taken from the notorious pirate.
— The Vanderbeeker's of 141st Street by Karina Yan Glaser

Books mark the seasons of my life too; pages holding hidden inspiration which often feels like a divine serendipity. not always. but often. A provision of words and vision and story and wisdom too. Like when I read Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World by Emily P Freeman around the time I read Emily of New Moon by LM Montgomery (author of Anne of Green Gables).

This Spring it's Begin Again: The Brave Practice of Releasing Hurt and Receiving Rest by Leeana Tankersley  and the Vanderbeeker's of 141st Street  by Karina Yan Glaser, mentioned above. 

The poet Rainer Maria Rilke talks about “waiting for faraway things,” the mystery of holding space for something to arrive that we cannot control. Sometimes we’re waiting on a miracle. A word. A whisper. Waiting for the next step to reveal itself. Waiting for a sign. A handle. A hint. For healing. Waiting for peace. Waiting for God to give us this day our daily breadcrumbs.”
— Begin Again by Leeana Tankersley

"Mom, look at this." Oliver says and shows me his monster creation with 14+ eyeballs and sharp pointy teeth.

Later as the hygienist cleans my teeth she asks Oliver if the monster he is still coloring is a a nice monster. 

"No." ..."Wait, yes. He's a nice monster." says Oliver. Changing his mind.

During Oliver's turn for a cleaning she asks him if he wants to take off the hood to his rain jacket. He wants to keep it on and she hands him child-sized sunglasses for him to wear too. 

The buzzing, polishing tool tickles his teeth, and all the sudden I see little Spiderman rain boots up in the air flailing around. He tries his best to be good. He wants a treasure from the treasure chest at the end of the appointment, but he can't seem to contain the ticklish feeling.

Still, we leave with treasures and tooth brushes in hand, heading back out into the Spring rain.

Spiderman boots splashing in puddles.

On Saturday it will be the last day of March and also my husband's birthday. Today I read a post on Instagram by blogger Maeve Gerboth that reminded me of him and our relationship dynamics. I am always thankful when others can put so perfectly into words things I might try to explain but fall a little or a lot short. She writes;

"He’s steady as an anchor. I’m fickle like the weather in March. He’s calm and speaks slowly. I struggle to wait my turn."...

The last day of March, marked by my husband's birthday, also holds a magical marker and rainbow reminder in my heart of God's provision, of miracles, and the strength of gentleness that I experience through Jeff everyday in so many ways. 

I am guessing this Saturday we will celebrate by watching March Madness Basketball with my parents, another seasonal marker; the brackets and endless over-time games and last-second shots. 

And then Sunday we will begin again, with a new month. April. which means to open. And this year April 1st is also Easter, my favorite holiday. (and April 1st is also my younger brother's birthday, happy birthday Jon boy! love you!)

Easter marks the most miraculous moment, the resurrection of Christ from the grave, and our sins forgiven, and our hopes not just renewed but eternally true.