Question Marks + Rainbows

Ol’ man Simon, planted a diamond,
Grew hisself a garden the likes of none.
Sprouts all grown’, comin up glowing’.
Fruit of jewels all shinin’ in the sun.
Colors of the rainbow,
See the sun and rain grow
Sapphires and rubies on ivory vines,
— The Garden, Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein

Gentleness Lately

I've been reading Where the Sidewalk Ends to both Oliver and myself. His favorite poem so far;  The Googies Are Coming. I know it's only because he thinks the word "googies" is funny. Invitation and The Garden are my favorites so far.

Last Saturday we woke up to an April earthquake and dusted snow on the ground.

Oliver wrapped himself in a plaid scarf handmade by his teacher, put on his green winter hat that reads HI on the front and BYE on the back, and then headed off to a Spring themed birthday party.

Plastic pots were provided at the party for all the kids to decorate with stickers.

There were rocket ship sticker, race car stickers, flower stickers, alphabet stickers and more. So I was surprised when he picked out a big golden question mark for his flower pot. Does he even know what a question mark is? hmm. I even tried to steer him away from the choice. "Look at these. You should put this one on it." But no, he was insistent on the question mark. 

Later that day I brought it up to his room to put on his desk. It sits on a stack of Dr. Suess books. A single yellow flower stretching toward the window light.

Oliver had two full weeks of school cancelled this April. 

Everyday the last two weeks I have waited.

Waited for a phone call that would come late afternoon informing me if school would be in session or not for the next day. I waited for the phone and prayed for change too; a pay raise for teachers and funding for schools.

He finally goes back to school on Monday. His teacher is also returning from her maternity leave. We missed her! 

April 4th brought the birth of my niece Georgia Maxine. And for days we waited for news on how she was doing in the NICU. After good report after good report she was able to go home from the hospital this Friday, healthy, beautiful and loved. 

While scrolling instagram this week, I came across a photo posted by a close close friend of mine. Of her daughter's preschool craft. A construction paper rainbow with these words written in the clouds "God always keeps his promises" and then another picture of her daughter sleeping on her nap-mat with the caption "Hazel FINALLY napped at school". 

Laughs. Love it. 

Just a little bit of gentleness lately in my life.

And below is a cheesy poem inspired by this month and these things.

I'm letting April be a month of question marks and rainbows. 

Holding mysteries and curiosities and hope in my hands 

Gentleness lets us release our questions or doubts or wonder-abouts into the stormy Spring skies. The sun will shine through at some point. An arc of watercolors brushed like a banner above

Red for the passion, longing or pain

Orange for the need to be seen + saved

Yellow for hope and light, for God to turns his face towards us and give us peace

Green for new growth will someday one day maybe even soon appear

Blue acknowledges healing power in tears

Indigo for an abundance of mystery and wonder like that of stars in the midnight sky

and finally a bouquet of violets for we are dearly loved, daughters and sons of the King of Kings.

The rainbow colors lead us to golden treasures not tarnished by rust or moth of things of this world

It's a treasure of hope in Christ, and in his truth, and in His power, and in his love. 

We open our hands and all they might hold

Just let them be open, and trust God to fill them back up with hope, faith, and love.





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