Gentleness Lately: June

Gentleness lately is a fiction book that slows me down. It's not sarcastic or sappy but descriptive and subtle. It's deep and simple, ordinary and sacred, with a mystery to uncover. 

In chapter two we find Reine-Marie bought a bench for her small town community.

"A few weeks later an inscription had appeared on it. Etched deeply, finely, carefully." 

Surprised by Joy

A phrase from CS Lewis.

I think of another book, It's Simply Tuesday, a golden bench on the cover. 

And I remember Emily's benediction for us to be bench builders not platform builders. 

I hope this blog is a bench of sorts for somebody too, like you. 


Beside my bed as I type the marbles are lined up by little hands.  Clear glass with swirly peachy red ribbons  next to the blue ribboned marbles. They sink into the cream shag rug. 

Oliver talks about the marbles being on a mission. He has two different containers for the marbles.  Do all little ones love containers for their treasures like Oliver? Little spaces to fit little things.

Ten minutes later I hear him pretending the marbles are talking. They are people now. "Where should we go ?" "The fun festival."  Insert a bunch of blasting-off airplane noises.  "Sons, we are here." Oliver says. 

Gentleness in June, is listening to the imagination of a four year old. 

Gentleness in June is a returning rhythm that got swept away by first trimester nausea and exhaustion and maybe some end of the school year sluggishness. I return again to using my Sacred Ordinary Days Planner and to the morning or evening Bible reading/journaling that goes along with it. And though I am just in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I am a bit surprised by what it feels like; it's like I am at the ocean when I read and when I write and when I return to this practice. This peaceful warmth I feel while reading and writing.  It feels like finding shells on the seashore when I come to a verse that speaks to me in my moment, something personal or kind or wise. It feels like grace and space when I allow myself time to write down a simple explanation of a thought process or a scripture.

Gentleness in June is a thunderstorm on Thursday morning. Oliver watching rain from my bedroom window. I don't need to water the flowers a few extra days. 

And though some sickness came and went (Jeff with a fever, Oliver with a cold) and we were all on edge this weekend; time continued on and we got through it. Maybe that would be a gentleness too, time continueing?

Last Sunday's sermon was about moving forward; through the Red Sea or in the desert. 

We can cry out when things are tough but we can also walk on.  Being still inside our hearts, while moving forward too. Gentleness is stillness and movement one in the same sometimes maybe? Sometimes you just have to go through the hard, nothing gentle about the heat or the desert or sickness or drought, but testimonies and scriptures of others who have made it through are a strong gentleness that nudges us on so not to give up. 

Gentleness lately.

What does gentleness lately look like in your life, and how has it strengthened you to keep on?

Love and Hope in Christ,