flow: hearts + time + the school car line

“I stamp it, you stamp it, put it the box”

“I stamp it, you stamp it, put it in the box.”

Oliver chants during our Valentine’s Day card assembly line.

One Spiderman stamp (Oliver)

One heart stamp (me)

into box.

His kindergarten class party the next day.

And in the morning at 8:00 we rush to tape on 25 chocolate candies to 25 heart shaped cards.

Because at 8:10 the school doors open and the car line begins to move. Cars inching forward, seatbelts unbuckling, backpacks strapped on in a struggle over winter coats.

Out comes the kindergarten cuties, their arms full of decorated shoe boxes, ready to be filled with candy and cards.

That night after bedtime, Oliver gets out of bed (of course) and comes to our room.

I let him hop in bed for a few minutes. We watch some old videos together on my phone of him when he was a toddler.

“When you were little you know what we used to do every morning? You would get in my bed and we would watch Curious George together. You loved that show.”

“Do you want to see the video of you singing the Curious George song?”

He says yes, and I watch him watch his younger self belt out the Curious George theme song.

The morning after Valentine’s day, while the baby is in the swing Oliver tells me he wants to sit in my lap “because you’re not pregnant anymore” he says. There wasn’t much room for him to sit on my lap during that third trimester. And now it’s rare if my arms and lap are not occupied by a baby and a bottle.

So he takes advantage of the moment, climbs in my lap, and picks a Curious George Valentine’s day episode to watch. I’m sure this choice has to do with our conversation the night before.

Together we watch as Curious George uses his waffle maker to stamp red hearts on the white paper.

Next the monkey spreads the cards all over the living room floor, puts paint on his hands and feet

and bounds into a series backhand-springs

signing the cards with his footprints and handprints.