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on the horizon; looking forward to this study

I ordered this Bible Study about Job to do next month by She Reads Truth . It came in the mail this week, and upon opening it and looking at the intro pages I learned the design for the study guide was chosen intentionally. Love!

The gradients you see throughout the book are photographs of the sky with the horizon cropped out. Removing this reference point demonstrates the dialogue between man and God in the book of Job,

The color palette, inspired by these dramatic sunrises and sunsets, is a reminder of God’s presence in times of both suffering and peace.
— She Reads Truth, Suffering and the God Who Speaks; The Book of Job

Join with me if it sparks your interest like it did mine.

a bit of beauty


lovely crystals shared by @designsponge on Instagram

the rainbow and the color and the texture naturally stunning


A fresh perspective by @Bailey.t.hurley

for the little ones


I wonder if Oliver would like the Henry Huggins book recommended by @sunlitpages ? Currently, Jeff is reading through the Magic Treehouse Book Series with Oliver. “Mom, you’ve got to see this.” “Come look at what I did.” He made me close my eyes, held my hand, and led me to his room. On his floor 26 or so Magic Treehouse books were lined up and spread out on the floor. I pretended to be amazed?! At least he is excited about his books!


Scrolling through my photos this morning and this was in my March file. Which means we are only a few weeks from seeing color awaken the landscape with beauty again. Woohoo! Just a little hope from me to you today because #itssimplytuesday and we always need a little something to look forward to, yes?!
. “Colour is the visual Eucharist of things. In a world without color, it would be impossible to imagine beauty; for colour and beauty are sisters. As Goethe said: the eye needs colour as much as it needs light.” ~John O’Donohue .

What is your favorite spring color? Let’s create a colorful quilt of word hues to warm up our senses.
— @shellymillerwriter on Instagram

Wednesday morning I came across this post by @shellymillerwriter. I was dreading getting out of the house to take Oliver to school. Before the baby was here it was a task I didn’t mind. But now, adding Ivan in the mix changes everything. I very much dislike having to get a 2 month old buckled in his carseat when it’s so so so cold out! Let’s just all stay in our pajamas, warm and cozy at home until Spring comes?


favorite things

This sweater from H&M. They have it in light blue too! I’ve been wearing it a ton with leggings.

home inspiration


What a cute kitchen, shared by @em_henderson

on my wish list


A pretty house plant, now on my wishlist! Thanks @plantingpink for sharing.


Let Time Be Your Friend by Emily Freeman Episode 71 of The Next Right Thing Podcast

But reading about the history of chimes in London reminded me of the gift of time it’s consistent, nonchaotic, rhythmic, and dependable. Those quarter chimes ring every 15 minutes and Big Ben rings out every hour. Like clockwork. Literally.

Lately, I’ve been shaking my fist at the clock because of all there is to do. I’ve been wishing my boundary lines fell in different places. I’ve been wishing I had more of all things that I don’t seem to have enough of lately. But the truth is boundaries and rhythms are good and they have been good since the very beginning.
— Episode 71 The Next Right Thing
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