weekend care package

— Deuteronomy 8:18

It’s the last day of February, and so let us look back and remember God and His goodness or His provision this past month.

I’ll go first. 3 things I want to remember; joy, adventure, and comfort.


“Someone says it’s the end of the world everyday in my class. And then someone else says no it isn’t.” Oliver tells me while I’m feeding Ivan his bottle.

It’s a rare gift when he actually shares specifics about his time at school. Usually I get general information like “the playground” being his favorite part of the day, and that he just played with “everyone” . So general! But I love the specifics.

“Who is it?” I ask him. Smiling at this glimpse into the world of Kindergarteners.

Turns out it’s this cute little girl, who wears glass (just giving you a visual) and I would have never suspected it to be her. Adorable!

“She is in my centers.” Referring to the little group he travels to the different class centers with this week.

Later that night Jeff is tucking Oliver in bed, and as usual Oliver chooses that moment inform us that he is hungry. Jeff says he can have some carrots. To my surprise he wants the carrots. “Let’s take the carrot portal to get there Dad.” They both come running through the hall, pretending they have gone through some portal that transported them to the kitchen?! This stage Oliver is in of imaginative play brings me such joy. I hope I remember this cuteness.

adventures to remember

Our trip to the Tallgrass Prairies on a super windy cold Saturday during sunset.

Also, getting out of my comfort zone to try something new and looking ridiculous doing it: in my post-pregnancy body I got in a swimsuit put on a swim cap and goggles and tried swimming laps at my old high school’s amazing aquatic center with my husband. I made him promise not to critique my swimming at all this very first time for me there. He’s really into learning the correct swimming form to prepare for his triathlon. I could tell it was so hard for him to hold back from sharing with me all the obvious things I could change. But he did! And we had the whole back part of the pool to ourselves; which was a comfort for my first time. No one but a sweet life guard lady and Jeff to watch me. Though I even told Jeff “do not watch me!.”Oh my self-conscious self! laughs

Comforts to Remember

Getting away for a weekend with Jeff. Walking hand in hand from the artsy modern hotel through the woods to a big art museum in my favorite long loose blush colored sweater and a soft grey parka lined with creamy white fur. Cold outside, but warmth and inspiration in my heart.

The comfort of listening and reading words and stories; reading Becoming Mrs. Lewis by Patti Callahan and listening to the audio book Remember God by Annie Downs

And now for a few good things I found inspiring or liked this week that you might also enjoy;


from @shereadstruth & @ruthsoukup on instagram


from @sarahgoldenart & @rachelkisersmith


These slip-on shoes by Universal Thread @ Target. They’ll be my go to spring shoes; and they were comfortable too!


from @em_henderson

love the feel of the room + the walls & the light fixtures


from @bekahjanepogue because it makes me look forward to walks with my boys as they get older!

Afternoon walks with this boy are my fav! Maybe because he still holds my hand. And is wildly honest. And asks great questions. Mostly, I just really like spending time knowing him.

Who would you love to take a walk with if you could?
— @bekahjanepogue