Gentleness Lately: A Passing Reminder

August and February feel like extremes to me.

The hot and the cold.

the temperature takes it tole on temperaments.

so much fog this morning. It was hazy misty grey all day.

Depression felt looming near I could hear and feel it coming; but

with each passing year

I grow in wisdom

I realize this too shall pass

sunshine and spring and motivation to clean will come again

a grandparent will volunteer to babysit

my exercise routine will slowly come to life again

now that my body has healed and once I get more sleep

but still the extreme seasons of life are not so easy

so I collect tools and tips for coping and overcoming or easing or preventing this foggy feeling from weighing me down more than it could? If you struggle, take heart. If you feel off and you feel a physical heaviness, my heart feels for you. I have felt similar too.

Let gentleness in; by having hope that there are practical ways to cope

as well as divine God moments that show up and lift spirits too

there is beauty and art and inspiration

and also small practical steps to take or words to repeat to help avoid the slump sluggish sinking sand of melancholy

I imagine myself climbing a rope up to Jesus sometimes

when my need feels big and my will power seems small

there is hope

I just want to climb the rope until I get to the feet a Jesus, so I can listen like Mary did

and maybe then I can move forward in a productive helpful manner too like Martha.

Just a little February writing to let you know you’re not alone in the winter season.

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