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Faith is leaning your whole weight on God. Resting your head on His shoulder.
— Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing by Sally Lloyd Jones

art inspiration


beautiful art by @bethannallen

home inspiration


front porch dreams by @real_simple


eclectic whimsy and fun colors by @barrij


I like the simple soothing vibe of this clean uncluttered bathroom from @elizabethlawsondesign


What a dreamy tree and staircase! Love everything about this. by @alyssarosenheck

words of encouragement

For me, the mental shift was a slow process. I knew I didn’t want my stuff to control my life, but I had tried and failed so many times before, I floundered around many times trying to gain control.⁣
The change was slow, but it did come. And the more I got rid of, the more my thoughts changed, the less attached I was to stuff and the more I was able to get rid of.⁣
I worked hard and it took me a long time. I think ideally, 6 months would be wonderful to be rid of everything, but for me, I didn’t start out to become a “minimalist.” I knew I needed to get rid of most of my belongings and I really did love motel room simplicity, but I didn’t know if I would ever actually get there.⁣
It was years of slow work. Every month I would drop off more boxes and bags at the donation center. It was 3 years before I saw the difference- and I saw that difference when I was looking through old photos.⁣
In the children’s birthday photos, I saw so much clutter in the background and as I looked at the same spot in our home, I realized that I did it. I actually decluttered enough to see a difference!⁣
It was a very exciting realization.⁣
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— Rachel Jones @nourishingminimalism

to read

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In My Darkest Hour by Ashley Price


A fun quiz on decision making by Emily P Freeman

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