Gentleness Lately: Listening to Littles

Listening from the heart puts us in a hushed place in which waves of love and adoration wash over us: “Our spirit is on tiptoe-alert and listening.”
— When the Soul Listens by Jan Johnson

I call Ivan my little hummingbird when he takes his bottle and hums the whole way through. Through the harsh winter blues he brings the softest sound to soothe.

And with Oliver it’s often sound effects; zooming, whooshing, swishing or nonsense or “mom look at this.” But my favorite is overhearing him playing pretend in his bedroom. He brings a lightness to a heavy heart.

I asked a friend to pray for me last week. Specifically, for wisdom about a decision. She prayed with her two year old daughter next to her. A few seconds later I get a text. At the end of the prayer her daughter said out loud without any prompting from her mom “she should just say no thank you”.

My heart immediately felt relief. I had been leaning toward that decision, but something about this little nudge and confirmation in the form of a sweet gentle toddler released me from self-induced guilt over saying no to extra work right now.

God designed our children to carry courage into all the earth.
— Raising Giant Killers by Bill Johnson