Gentleness Lately: Hallowed

The beginning space was actually a holy space, not just a layover on my way to something better.
— Leeana Tankersley, Begin Again

Hallow; considered sacred

the golden hallows of the day

the evening and morning routines

the walk to the bus stop

the bedtime story

the footed and flannel pajamas; after the boys bubble baths

the cup of coffee or lavender tea

the time for beginnings and ends

fresh starts and evening surrenders

cause he holds it all in His hands

hold the hallows

with reverence

find the daily divine

art and beauty in each person created

the ways His spirit moves through time

find a shoulder that is kind to lean on

find a child’s little hand to hold

all the despair you might feel in air

stifling heat, humid and thick

as August comes to a close

keep pushing through to the break of Fall

finds us in our place of need

we pray

and fill the hollows with hallowed love

melissa hirshburgComment