Gentleness Lately: Reckoning

Reckoning: a settling of accounts

Maybe the secret to reckoning with pain and sorrow isn’t meaning-making and answer-seeking but embracing mystery and cultivating wonder.
— Recapturing the Wonder by Mike Cosper
But maybe the only thing that must change right now is internal - a reckoning that God cares about you on the macro and micro level.
— Gracelaced by Ruth Chou Simons

It can be hard to believe God cares about us on the macro and micro level when experiencing pain or sorrow.

Let’s not pretend it is always easy or makes sense to believe the truth.

Faith calls us to trust in the unimaginable.

We hope for what we do not see.

We try to take into account our feelings, scripture readings, experiences, and testimonies.

reckon with it all

Yet sometimes I let it fall,


all the counting, collecting, summarizing throughout the day.

And rest or wait

and ask to be hidden in Him.

melissa hirshburgComment