Gentleness Lately: Wings

We are not meant to carry shame or to point and blame.

We have a good Shepherd leading us and correcting us and comforting us.

God’s tone of voice matches the divine character of love. If the commands, questions, or directions come to us in voice that is patient or kind, it may be God. If the tone is boastful or proud or rude or self-seeking, it’s probably not God. If the tone is easily angered or keeping track of wrongs, that could be the enemy. You can depend on God’s words to embody protection, trust, hope, and perseverance. (1 Corinthians 13:4-8)
— When the Soul Listens by Jan Johnson
When we find ourselves in situations in which we are not totally blameless, we may assume that God does not reach out and comfort us. But God “does not treat us as our sins deserve”; he responds with divine, healing comfort (Psalms 103:10).
— When the Soul Listens by Jan Johnson

Now, September ends

October begins.

floating leaves

flying birds

fluttering monarchs

are signs of levity, lightness, and letting go

like the beauty of a shame free soul

Whatever thing that I have carried in this place
That will keep me from you
I will lay it at your feet
Whatever burden I have carried for so long
That will keep me from seeing you
I will lay it down right now
All of the things that are cluttering my mind
I will push them far from here
And listen for your voice
All of the pain that I am carrying inside
I will hand it to you
You will take it, set me free, I will fly
I need to hear you speak to me
And I want to feel you in this place
You long to take me in your arms of love
So take me in your arms of love
— Whatever Thing (song from album; Enter the Worship Circle)
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