blog series


gentleness is golden

This is my first mini-series. In a way it is the launching point and foundation for this blog. A good place to begin.

  • understanding for the sensitive soul
  • courage to embrace your gentleness as strength
  • redirect your thoughts towards something beautiful & something good

Collecting Peace

From January up until Easter I took time to write one post each week or so about ways I collect peace. 


Clothe yourself with gentleness

There is a lightness to this series as I simply reflect on things like my favorite pajamas, a mended sweater, or a swaddle blanket. I began this series in the Fall and carried it through the Holiday season welcoming words and images of lightness, kindness and comfort. 


An invitation to Wonder

Based on the 7 natural wonders of the world; I write about faith and nature. But mostly I hope this series inspires you to take creative paths of your own, and then share it with others. Let us feel the freedom to explore, to find wonder, and to create. This is my summertime whimsical creation.