Collecting Peace

From January 2017 up until Easter 2017 I took time to write one post each week or so about ways of collecting peace.

The pomegranate seed

For times of waiting and persevering; the idea of the seed can bring your soul peace. A peace to trust even in slow or difficult growth.


A poem and short story to sit with if you are feeling stuck.

unpacking + the unexpected

A post for February sick days, monumental days, and moving days.

The 3rd installment in my mini-series Collecting Peace. Besides finding some encouragement in this post you might also find some artful inspiration! 


The Home

We all need somewhere to dwell- mind body soul- all three parts.

Maybe one of the three you've neglected or they all feel unconnected?

But regardless- the three that are one are meant for a home.

Sharing 4 books about home that I love. 4 books that brought me peace, comfort, or inspiration during my own journey of moving and renovating an old home.

The Sky

March moments, a book recommendation, and a little bit on collecting peace this spring.


Find strength & peace during middle moments; whether you are in the middle of the week or the middle of a project! 



On finding peace through a perspective of patience and gratitude.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

— Ecclesiastes 3:11


Collecting peace through connection and childhood stories. 


"In Oklahoma, most people are not afraid of sirens or tornado warnings. Some might climb into a bathtub or head to a shelter, but most stand on the porch taking pictures." -Suzanne Eller, Come With Me


Miracles + Margin

The final post in my series on collecting peace. This one is about miracles and margin.

“Next, Noah sent out a dove. At first it was unable to find a place to land, but then it returned holding a sprig from an olive tree-an image that later became a widespread symbol for peace. After a time of judgement and destruction, now God was promising a time of peace and redemption.”

— Francine Rivers, Earth Psalms