Custom Watercolor Paintings 8 x 10

Custom Watercolor Paintings 8 x 10


I offer custom paintings of house portraits, churches, landscape scenes, pets, and more provided that a photo/image can be emailed to me of what you would like painted. I currently do not offer paintings of people/faces unless it is just the backs of the people or the faces aren’t showing (faces are difficult!).

After resizing the image I receive to an 8 x 10 I then print it off and using a light-box I trace the photo on watercolor paper to paint. Keep in mind I do not draw free-hand so the custom painting will be very similar to the photo you send. I am open to making small changes, for example if you want the flowers to look fuller, or if you prefer softer or bright tones for the painting. In general though, I do not veer off too much from the original photo I receive.

If you are unsure if the photo you have in mind is something I could replicate/paint feel free to email me questions with the photo attached at


I use 8 x 10 Strathmore ready cut, cold press, acid free paper, 140 lb.


  • During the checkout process note any preferences or small changes you might like me to make. There is a space for you to add your notes. For example, let me know if you want me to use softer or brighter tones, if you would like the flowers to look more full, or if you want me to leave out something from the photo. You can also email me with your preferences or any notes when you email the image to me.

  • After the purchase is made email me the image you would like painted at

  • Allow 3-4 weeks for the painting to be completed and ready for shipping or pick up. Usually I finish a painting in a week or two, but sometimes I have several orders going on at once and therefore need more time to complete it. If you need a painting done quickly feel free to email me and ask if that is a possibility.

  • Refunds available; If you are not pleased with the final product, simply return the painting and you will be refunded.

  • The painting will be mailed in protective packaging to keep it safe.

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